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24hr Wind Forecast from
Wind legend
The wind maps display expected surface wind speed and direction 24 hours after the time indicated on the map. The colours on the map represent different wind speeds. The red, orange and purple family of colours represent stronger winds, while the blues depict weaker winds (see map key). The arrows represent wind direction. Winds less than 13 miles per hour (20 km/h) are not plotted on the map.
Wind forecast
24hr Precipitation Forecast from
Precipitation legend
These maps indicate areas where surface precipitation is likely 24 hours after the time indicated on the map. Areas where the precipitation is expected to occur in the form of rain are coloured green. The lighter greens represent light rain, while the darker greens represent moderate to heavy rain. Areas in yellow, orange or red indicate areas where thunderstorms are possible over land, with red indicating the greatest likelihood. Areas in white indicate where the precipitation is expected in the form of snow or wintry showers over land.
Precipitation Forecast
24hr Vertical Velocity Forecast from
Vertical velocity legend
This map indicates the expected vertical movement of the air at 850 mb (approximately 1 mile above sea level) associated with large-scale storm systems 24 hours after the time indicated on the map. The regions coloured yellow, orange and red correspond to ascending air, while the regions coloured blue correspond to descending air. Regions of near zero vertical movement are coloured grey. Regions of ascending air are usually associated with clouds and the possibility of precipitation. Regions of descending air are usually associated with clear skies.
Vertical velocity forecast
Never base important decisions or events on data from this private weather station, which is offered as a general guide to local conditions only. Thankyou.