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Other private weather stations
Colchester Weather Site This site is owned and run by Julian Best who created the Macromedia flash program to display the weather data in real time. This can be seen on the home page and the live weather page.


Clanfield Weather  
Brampton Weather  
Horfield Weather Station  
Nailsworth Weather  
Wunderground Site
My weather information is also sent to Wunderground, this site collects data from over 12,000 members worldwide.

I have recently joined AWEKAS which also has many members across the world. Please follow the link to go to a map of NW Europe.

This is my AWEKAS site here.
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Watts Up With That?

News and commentary on puzzling things in life, nature, science, weather, climate change, technology, and recent news by Anthony Watts

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From the CWOP site:

"Many citizen weather stations are producing weather data today. When these data are used only by the weather station owners, data quality is not an issue. With the communications revolution and the vast capabilities of the internet, many people with weather stations are sending their data far and wide for other people to use. In that case, data quality matters."

In the USA membership allows you to check your measurements against prevailing conditions, as a consequence the data from the weather station can be verified and improved, this leads to better weather models, forecasting, etc.

Never base important decisions or events on data from this private weather station, which is offered as a general guide to local conditions only. Thankyou.